Philips AngioSculpt Scoring Balloon Catheter

Learn more about the physics of scoring with the AngioSculpt Scoring Balloon Catheter.

The Philips approach to ISR, treatment versatility:

See Clearly with Philips IVUS Co-registration

  1. Help determine the mechanism of stent restenosis or stent thrombosis
  2. Allow optimization for treatment strategy and device utilization
  3. Help confirm pre and post therapy results

Treat Optimally with Philips’ therapies

  1. Modify, ablate plaque to maximize lumen for additional stent expansion and placement with ELCA and optimize with AngioSculpt:
    • Resist slipping within the vessel
    • Provide improved luminal gain
    • Increase focal pressure to optimize stent strategy


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May 3, 2019

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Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices Academy