ADA-friendly PDF: Treatment versatility for vascular interventions

Treatment versatility for vascular interventions

Proven technology

  • Treating patients for more than 20 years
  • Optimally spaced fibers for improved performance
  • Adjustable laser energy settings to satisfy many clinical needs
  • Automatic shut-off feature for advanced patient safety

Advanced performance

  • Saline infusion improves safety outcomes1
  • Slow advancement increases luminal gain2
  • Two-thirds vessel sizing rule for predictable outcomes

Broad range of indications

  • Total occlusions traversable by a guidewire
  • Occluded SVGs
  • Ostial lesions
  • Moderately calcified stenoses
  • Long lesions (>20mm)
  • Lesions which previously failed PTCA
  • Restenosis in 316L stainless steel stents prior to brachytherapy