ADA-friendly PDF: Best practice examples in Lead Management

Best practice examples in Lead Management

The deck provides 5 quick hit topics to help you Teach, Tailor, and Take Control of these common barriers:

Bridge prophylaxis

  • Conversation starter: Here’s an example of a high-volume extraction center’s protocol for Bridge prophylaxis, where the vast majority of cases have Bridge prophylactically staged. Would you like to learn more about what other accounts are doing with Bridge, and the latest protocol recommendations?

Surgical partnerships

  • Conversation starter: We’ve seen success with surgical partnerships when surgeons are compensated for their back-up time and patient prep is completed before the surgeon arrives. Would you be interested in hearing how other hospitals have set-up surgical partnerships?

Dedicated block time

  • Conversation starter: As you know, dedicated block OR time supports smoother workflows for scheduling extractions. Would you like to hear about what other hospitals are doing in this area?


  • Conversation starter: We’ve seen that utilizing EMR can make a significant impact on patient care and hospital costs. Here’s the stats on the accounts that have implemented EMR to help identify infections (slide 6). Would you like to implement EMR for identifying device infections here?

National case log trends

  • Conversation starter: These are some of the trends we are seeing nationally with extraction indications and Bridge prep & prophylaxis. What are you seeing in your practice?