ADA-friendly PDF: D025990-02 AngioSculpt 7.8mm Brochure.pdf

AngioSculpt PTA Scoring Balloon Catheter 7 and 8 mm Diameters: Power to Score

AngioSculpt’s smart scoring balloon technology delivers a unique blend of controlled, effective dilatation and predictable device safety. A combination that can win in the most challenging cases. 


The power to score with AngioSculpt scoring balloon catheter:

  • More Power - Dilate resistant lesions with 15-25 times the force of a conventional balloon
  • With Less Pressure - Effective dilatation at lower inflation pressures may reduce potential damage to vessel walls that trigger the cascade that can cause restenosis
  • And Minimal Balloon Slippage - In studies, AngioSculpt consistently exhibited no significant slippage, confirming that AngioSculpt’s one-of-a-kind design improves performance