Advances in Co-Registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging

2021 on 22nd & 23rd of February

Esteemed faculty members are from – Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, India, Germany, Poland, UK, US, Mexico, Italy, Spain
Course Directors: Dr Justin Davies, Prof Carlo Di Mario, Prof Javier Escaned, Prof Andrew Sharp
22 & 23 February 2021|| 08.00 - 16.00 CET || 02.00a – 10.00a EST
Due to the Covid-19 crisis we will be running this course as an online event. Our online e-course will continue to have many of the features from the previous years including live case demonstrations, a large focus on interactive discussions and questions and answers and several sessions dedicated to clinical cases

Registration and viewing of the program will be via WondrMedical:


February 15, 2021


February 15, 2021